Community Priorities

The survey identified the following community priorities for the next two years

  • Fixing and maintaining city streets
    • Residents' top concern
    • The City recently conducted a pavement indexing study to determine priority areas for improvement
    • The City is working on a number of scenarios based on varying funding levels
  • Extend Knoxville's bicycle trail
    • The City has developed the Competine Trail Plan to extend the existing trail located near the Rec Center
    • When completed, the trail will be approximately 3.75 miles in length
    • The biggest obstacle the City faces is crossing Highway 14
  • Increased enforcement of city code and ordinances
    • High priority area for enforcement is cleaning up debris on properties
  • Sidewalk installation and repair enforcement
  • Quality of park restroom facilities
Q2. City Services That Should Receive the Most Emphasis Over the Next Two Years by Major Category

Street and Sidewalk Maintenance Priorities:

Q5. Top Maintenance Priorities Over the Next Two Years

Parks and Trails Priorities:

Q20. Top Parks and Facilities Priorities Over the Next Two Years

Code Enforcement Priorities:

Q14. Top Code Enforcement Priorities Over the Next Two Years