Knoxville, IA

Accountability & Transparency
Learn about the city government of Knoxville and how important accountability and transparency are to government officials.

Agendas & Minutes
Read City Council's and other boards' and commissions' agendas and minutes.

Access the City of Knoxville bids.

Bike Trails

View applications, forms, and maps.

Scan the city's budget.

City Code
Read the Knoxville City Code online.

City Government 101
Learn about Knoxville's form of government.

Community Calendar
Attend events by checking out the community calendar.

Community Survey
Information on the Knoxville Community Survey Results

Construction & Improvement Projects
View construction and improvement projects in the area.

Economic Development
Check out the growing business opportunities in Knoxville.

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Sign up for news, calendar, and bid notifications.

Permits and Zoning Applications

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