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Grease & Sand Traps
 The City of Knoxville operates and maintains the municipal sewer system. Commercial and some residential wastewater customers, including restaurants, food services (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) car washes, and other specific activities, utilize grease/oil/sand traps. These traps are required by Municipal Code 4-5-6 as outlined below:

Grease, Oil or sand traps shall be provided when they are necessary for the proper handling of liquid wastes, and/or other harmful ingredients. All traps or similar devices shall be of a type and capacity to prevent discharge of grease, oil, or sand into the public sewer, and shall be readily and easily accessible for cleaning and inspection. All grease, oil, or sand traps shall be provided and maintained in continuously efficient operation at all times by the person at his own expense. Owners shall maintain records of maintenance and cleaning of grease, oil, and sand interceptors. These records shall be presented by a third party affidavit every six (6) months or as required by the public works director. (Ord. 75-2, 9-2-1975; amd. Ord. 05-11, 9-6-2005)
grease trap 

The grease/oil/sand traps are an important part of the sewer system that when properly maintained, prevent fats, oils and grease from building in the sewer system which prevents sewer back-ups and/or further damage. These traps are also required to be easily accessible for cleaning and inspection when necessary.

The City of Knoxville will schedule and complete inspections of grease and sand traps every six (6) months. The fee for the inspection is $50. Failure to have the inspection completed will result in a municipal infraction. 

Inspection Document
Best Management Practices
If you have any questions, please contact the City of Knoxville, Wastewater Department at (641) 828-0587 or by email at . Thank you for helping the City clean and maintain the municipal sewer system.