Library Board


  • 8 a.m.
  • Third Wednesday of the month 
  • Knoxville Public Library
    213 E. Montgomery
    Knoxville, IA 50138


  • Dave Garcia
    Term expires: July 2024
  • Mary Lane
    Term expires: July 2024
  • Bob Leonard
    Term expires: July 2020
  • Lindsey Carlson
    Term expires: June 2024
  • Jean McKay
    Term expires: July 2022
  • Pat Wilson
    Term expires: July 2020
  • Scott Ziller
    Term expires: August 2019
  • Harv Sprafka
    Term expires: July 2022


The Public Library Board was created to have charge, control, and supervision of the public library and its buildings, fixtures, and rooms. The board directs and controls all affairs of the Knoxville Public Library. Other duties of the board include:

  • Authorizing the librarian to purchase books and library materials, or authorize the use of library 
  • Having exclusive control of library funds
  • Hiring the librarian