Getting Started with Knoxville

Whether you are an entrepreneur just getting started and trying to figure out how to get your business up and running, or you are a team of development professionals that have opened new locations throughout the world, the City of Knoxville staff is committed to helping you get your project operational as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

The sooner in the process our staff can help identify the appropriate code and zoning items needing addressed, the more effectively we can help you develop a plan and timeline for approvals and inspections to meet your budget and timeline goals. Our aim is to help you find solutions that meet your needs within the parameters of the approved codes and regulations of the city.

Once our dedicated staff has been notified of your project and have an understanding of your objectives, we will communicate internally with all appropriate contacts, and you, to identify whether there are any challenges that need to be considered in the planning process, how those challenges can be overcome, and what approval processes are needed. This will then be communicated back to you, thus minimizing your being bounced from department to department and having unplanned code surprises that result in unexpected costs during construction.

So, whether you are contemplating opening your first business or have already selected and purchased a location, contact our staff so we can help you make that opportunity a reality. Come grow with Knoxville!