EMS Division

Personnel & Responsibilities

The EMS Division has a combination staff with 8 paramedics, 8 emergency medical technicians and 4 "driver only" members. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of care to the citizens and visitors we serve. We staff one ambulance full time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These shifts and multiple calls are staffed by full-time, part-time and paid on call personnel.

The EMS Division is responsible for Knoxville Hospital Transports to other hospitals across the State. In 2016, our dedicated staff responded to 1,947 calls.

Call History


  • 2012 Osage- Chevrolet Chassis (936) 
  • 2015 Demers- Ford Chassis (937)
  • 2001 Medtec- Ford Chassis (938)
EMS Truck