Expressions of Interest

CDBG-DTR Façade Grant for Downtown Buildings

The City of Knoxville will be applying to Iowa Economic Development Authority for a Community Development Block Grant to assist in the rehabilitation of 8 building facades in Downtown Knoxville. If successful, the CDBG-DTR grant and the City’s financial contribution should cover 75% of the renovation costs. The construction work would occur in 2024.

The City is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from Downtown Building Owners to participate in the application.  To be eligible, the buildings must:

  • Be located within the Downtown area on property that is zoned C-4; 
  • Meet the HUD definition of blight; and 
  • Have owners who are willing to cover their expected share of 25% of the renovation costs. 

Interested building owners should contact the Glenn Lyons, Economic Development Director.

  1. Glenn Lyons

    Glenn Lyons

    Economic Development Director