Public Safety & City Hall Facility Project

In December 2022, the City of Knoxville approved a contract with Wendel Architecture, P.C. to design a new facility that would house the Knoxville Police, Fire, Rescue departments and City Hall. This new facility will provide a working environment for our community's first responders that meets current NFPA standards, improved functionality for the department's day to day operations, and substantial improvements in safety and security needs. 

Response time

In March 2023, a GIS Location Study was completed. This study considered public safety response times, property ownership, railroads, contours, adjacent properties, etc. This step is crucial in determining the location for the new public safety facility. The study determined that 1022 W. Pleasant was the prime location. In review of the location it's currently an operating business and the parcel is not sized properly for the City's use. From there, the exercise was to evaluate potential properties within the vicinity. It was determined that the former middle school location at 102 N. Lincoln was a potential location and the city began to engage conversations with the Knoxville Community School District. The full GIS Location Study can be found here

In October 2023, after 6 months of conceptual design and review with staff, Wendel Architecture provided a concept study to City Council. This presentation provided a concept design for the new facility as well as opinion of conceptual probable costs. That presentation is available here.


An important financial factor for this project is that it will be funded through local option sales tax (LOST). This revenue is generated by a 1% sales tax for anyone (residents and visitors) purchasing taxable goods and services in Knoxville. There will be no impact to property taxes with this project. 

As the city continues to move through the design phases the initial concept design costs will fluctuate. As of now, here is a high level glance at the financial mechanisms with this project. 

Further information will be updated on this page as the project progresses.